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Hello my friend...

What if you decided, once-and-for-all, to have something that you really want, now?

Because, at the root, DECIDING is the only thing that's in your way, ever. 


And you know what?

Having what you want, now, is really fun (and what you came here for in the first place). 


In fact, the whole process of DECIDING is so simple, so powerful, and such a critical linchpin for creating a life of true freedom that I wrote a new book about it.

It's called DECIDE!: Activate Your Inner Superpower to Make Very Cool Sh*t Happen and it's available in paperback, audiobook, and digital versions here

Briefly, using the magical experience of bringing my dream property into my life (affectionately called "The View"), I use the book to outline the three elements of DECIDING that are responsible for this long-standing desire coming into my reality.

(It was one of the highlights of my life, really.)

The View during a September sunrise.




However, this isn't about my dream.

This is about YOUR DREAM.

Everybody got one! :)

And here's the thing...

Your unmanifested dreams don't go away. They don't fade. They don't die.

Sure, they may go into a period of dormancy -- but they are still there, waiting inside for you catch up to them and to allow them into your life. 


And the REAL REASON you have not yet experienced the fun, excitement, relief, pleasure, or satisfaction of bringing that dream into your reality is because you have DECIDED to have it yet.

Because the process of DECIDING works every time.

(It's the law of the Universe, you see.)

The process of writing the book led me to break down the process of DECIDING into three core elements.




  • You focus your attention. You direct your thoughts to say "I want this thing..."


  • You expect what you want to show up by choosing thoughts, actions, and behaviors that match with what you have decided.


  • Your desire manifests as a function of the clarity of your expectation in STEP TWO. Your job is to get out of the way and do the work of dropping your resistance. 


Now this all might sound simple enough, because it IS simple. In fact, the rules of the Universe are always simple.

When you DECIDE, you are informing the Universe, "This is what's happening next. This is what I will have. Just because I want it."

When you declare your desires in this manner, there is only one possible outcome -- manifestation. Again, mechanically speaking, there's not a lot to this...


So if it’s so simple, why isn’t it showing up?

When you factor in the baggage that comes along with being part of the human experience, very often we approach our desires much more tentatively, like a dog circling around and around trying to find the perfect place to lay down. 


What this really means is that on the feeling, vibrational level (the only level that matters in terms of what we create) we often approach our desires with a sense of doubt, fear, or curiosity rather than a certainty that what we've asked for is done.


Very often we make a decision as to something we really want, only to second-guess, backtrack, or negotiate with our desires to make them seem more "reasonable," and these habits keep our dreams just out of reach. 


The real reason your desire is not showing up is because you don't yet have your desire's back. You have not yet truly DECIDED in terms of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors that it's YOURS ALREADY. 


This is what I would like to help you with.


The deeper truth is that DECIDING is a very active process. 

If you're still dealing with a nagging issue that's followed you through the years (e.g., money, health, relationships, etc.) the process of deciding is not a one-time thing where you're snapping your fingers and --  POOF! -- magic occurs. 

Once you decide, you have to practice the art and science of aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions with what you decided. 


This is the work.

And this is what most people DO NOT DO because magic requires some new habits, practices, and conscious ways of being. 


Without an environment full of guidance, structure, and support, any new habit is more likely to fall away and any positive results tend to become fleeting.


Deciding is only Step 1 of a 3-Step process. 

When it comes to their BIG dream, most people don't get past step 1.

They never really DECIDE. 

However, for those that do get to Step 1 and DECIDE, they fail to implement Steps 2 & 3. 

Without ALIGNING and ALLOWING, the results range from lackluster to deeply disappointing.




To DE-CIDE literally translates to "cutting off other possibilities."


And until you DECIDE, your dreams in the distance will likely remain there. 

Once you DECIDE (and I mean fully DECIDE), it's game on. 

The good news?


I've got broken down all 3 steps of this process, from the most common mistakes to the subtle nuances that make a world of difference regarding your results. 


This is what I want to share with you today...


If this makes sense to you...

OK, so I've laid out the philosophy of my approach and why I think this ONE SKILL ---DECIDING --- is so critical.

If you resonate with these words, perhaps I can help you DECIDE your way to something you've really been wanting...

Potential points of focus include:

  • Relationships
  • Career/Business
  • Health
  • Money & Finances
  • Well-being
  • Or just some fun, personal desire (like The View for me) you have.


If you're interested in moving your desire from a distant dream to a tangible reality, I've blocked off time to speak with you over the next few days to see if I can help. 


It works like this…


We hop on the phone together for 45 minutes.


(Yes, the call is free.)


After I hear what you want to create in your life, if I believe I can help you, I’ll share the details of my upcoming program designed around the concepts of DECIDING and putting the elements within my book into real-world practice.

In short, it's a highly focused 6-week program filled with in-depth coaching so that you can immerse yourself in the conscious practice of DECIDING, ALIGNING, and ALLOWING.

If at the end of the call you sense I can help (and vice-versa) I will elaborate on the details of the program.

If we don't get there, that's fine too.

Here’s Who I Know I Can Help

(and Who I Cannot):

  • 1. You need to have a desire (or what currently feels like a problem you want solved forever) that you're ready to focus upon.

    The bigger the dream, the more fun this will be. 

    If you don't have a dream or something you really want to move toward, not much point in us connecting right now.

  • 2. You need to be willing to show up.


    This is really about consciously practicing to wield your power of DECIDING. You already do this in so many aspects of your life every day. But now it's time to show up, focus, stretch, and reap the rewards.

  • 3. You must want some guidance, be coachable, be willing to let go, and be ready to decide.


    If you just want to gather more information without being willing to commit yourself to engaging in some new habits and practices, this isn't for you. 


    By the way, none if this is hard or painful.

    But DECIDING is not for the meek or toe-dippers. In or out. Only way it works. (And really, the whole point.)

That’s it —  if you’re good on ALL THREE requirements, let’s connect and see how things fit.


This is my superpower and I’d love to share it with you.


(Oh, it’ll be FUN too. Promise.)


Here’s What I Want You To Do NOW

If the thought of reaching out and getting some help to create something new and cool in your life gets some butterflies knocking around in your stomach, that’s a good thing.


Now it’s time to be bold and book a time to talk with me about your dream.


Click the button below and you’ll see my calendar. Choose a time that works for you.


That’s it.


Our call will last around 45 minutes, and my intent is that you walk away from the call feeling better than when it began.

Final note: YES, if we get to the point where my coaching program seems like a fit, it costs money to join but it's not crazy-high-end.

A couple things...

First: I would expect the focus of your desire, the thing you really want, to make the investment a no-brainer. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. If it's right we'll both know it. If it's not, we'll both know that as well. Either way is cool.

Second: I'm not allowing just anyone into the program, because I cannot help just "anyone." That's why there's no direct sign-up page and instead we're going to connect first to see if this is right for both of us. 


So if you want to learn more and connect about what it looks like to DECIDE your way into your dream, click the button below now and let's talk soon. 




The program starts soon, so book the session NOW. 

Also, as a thank you for taking the time to connect, I will send you a free copy of my new DECIDE! book in digital or audiobook form while codes last. (Yes, even though it's a digital product, Audible only allows a set number of downloads, so first come-first serve)



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